1. Overview

Cape Breton University – Cape Breton University was established in 1953 and is located in the heart of Cape Breton Island, Sydney, Nova Scotia.
Located in Nova Scotia’s second largest city, Sydney, is a perfect combination of the comfort of a metropolitan center with a friendly, small-town environment. In particular, over the past 35 years, Nova Scotia, where Cape Breton is located, has the warmest winter temperatures in Canada. CBU is located in the State of Nova Scotia – a hunger for human resources with a programmatic settlement policy. In order to attract attractive states, international students are allowed to settle in Canada after graduation.

Cape Breton is a well known Canadian public university focused on practical education and job creation for students. CBU is proud of providing a personalized higher education that focuses on academic quality and research, student services, vibrant academic life and technical facilities. modern teaching. The School offers students advanced research opportunities and professional support for the community as well as economic units. CBU is the only three-year Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management program in Canada. Upon graduation, students will be granted a three-year residency permit.

The CBU offers cross-credits, which allow students who have completed their Intermediate or College-to-College studies to apply for a credit extension in order to shorten their study time and reduce costs. (up to a maximum of 30 credits ~ one academic year)

  1. Achievement


  • Ranked # 1 in comprehensive teaching experience among Canadian public universities in 2006.
  • Ranked best in teaching quality among Canadian public universities in 2006.
  • Ranked # 1 in Canada for the proportion of students who will nominate friends and family to Cape Breton for 2007.
  • Ranked 18th in Canadian base camp
  • A public school that gives students the most satisfaction after graduation under Maclean’s Magazine.
  1. Business administration program


A three-year Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management program. At the same time, students will have 12 months of paid internship in three years. In particular, the school also has a four-year degree program with two undergraduate degrees: Upon completion of the Bachelor’s degree program in Hospitality Management, a three-year university degree program, students will receive a one-year BBA degree at the school. 1 more Bachelor Degree in BBA (Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Supply Chain Management …)

Cape Breton is Canada’s only educational partner for IHG’s largest hotel corporation, supporting trainees. The minimum wage is $ 11.5 per hour, minimum practice is 1080 hours ($ 12,000), the longest internship is 2,000 hours ($ 20,000). Upon completion of the internship program, students will receive an internship certificate from the IHG Group, which is recognized by the IHG global hospitality chain and given priority in employment.

  1. Admissions
  • Grade 3 graduates, average score from 65% to become
  • IELTS 6.5 (non skills under 6.0). School of student students are not enough event in English (IELTS / TOEFL) will be join your english, the primary period of the CBU will be automatically automatically enter the primary key that should not over any school thi Anh other
  1. Tuition Fee

English course fee: CAD 2,980 / 1 level / 2 months

  • Specialized English course fee: CAD 3,900 / 1 level / 2 months
  • Course fee: CAD 17,000 per year
  • Cost of living: 8,000 – 10,000 CAD per year

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