1. Overview

The school is located in the heart of London, funded by the government and boasts a top student choice across London, the school currently has more than 7,000 students each year, of which 90% Students are native speakers, creating a good learning environment for students.

CWC works closely with the City of Wesminster Council, London to design a wide variety of courses, modern facilities and the best facilities to meet the real needs of the profession and student progression. The school is funded by the government so tuition fees are much cheaper than those of other private schools.

The school has two main offices, Paddington and Queen’s Park, including the Cockpit Theater, which provides a stage for training and acting and a host of other facilities. CWC facilities are extremely modern, classrooms are furnished with furniture and equipment.

The school has the strengths in the fields of Sport, Digital Media, Construction, Engineering and Science, helping students pursue career passion in the future.

  1. Reasons to attend CWC
  • The College offers a wide range of courses in every discipline, suitable for everyone
  • A friendly learning environment, dedicated support and inspirational students
  • Our students win a lot of awards from the government
  • Government-sponsored and proud of being the premier choice for students across London
  • Experienced and dedicated teachers

  1. Academic and tuition fees
  • A-level
  • BTEC
  • Foundation
  • Tuition: £ 6000 / year (the company will help you get this tuition fee)

For more information, please contact UNIEYE

Hotline: +44 7747749909 (UK)