The Ellesmere College Boarding School was established in 1884 with seven large boarding facilities fully equipped to accommodate student learning, activities and recreation.

The campus includes many facilities such as a large playground, 9-hole golf course, indoor swimming pool, fine arts and music area, biology and chemistry, mathematics, business and politics. , English and History, indoor shooting classes, cafeterias, …

  1. Highlights of the school

  • The school accepts students aged 8-18 with grades from elementary to high school.
  • The A-level pass rate is 96%, reflecting the quality of the school’s education
  • Many students get A and A * in Math, Advanced Math, Economics, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry.
    One third of GCSE graduates with A and A *
  • Graduates of the University received a letter of offer from 22/24 schools in the Russell Group (UK’s best research group), including the University of Cambridge, UCL, the University of Birmingham, the University of Manchester …
  • In addition to academic subjects, students are educated to develop comprehensively with sports, fine arts, art, music, language, …
  • Sports complex invested £ 1.2 million with indoor swimming pool, tennis court, 9 hole golf course, gym, hockey field, football, shooting, rugby, cricket …

  1. Tuition

  • For students aged 7-13: £ 8,496 per semester (1 year 3 semester)
  • For students aged 13 – 19: £ 10,605 per semester (1 year 3 terms)
  • (tuition fees include laundry, laundry, tuition, medicine and health care, school meals, Wifi, use of sports facilities and music)

    Application fee: £ 50

  • International students are assessed for their English proficiency and are placed in English as an Additional Language (EAL)

EAL Class Fees: £ 505 – £ 1,288 per semester depending on student level

  • The school offers 1-to-1 class or group study, music classes and private tutoring (fees vary depending on the class).
  1. Admissions

  • The school does not require IELTS, however A-Level students need to score at 5.0-5.5 IELTS
  1. Scholarship

The school offers 9 different types of scholarships ranging from 50 to 100% tuition based on different criteria.

School introduction video:

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