Georgian College of Applied Arts and Technology, is one of Ontario’s first colleges offering employment-related training programs, and is recognized for its partnership with many employers. The most famous and dynamic in the country and in the world.

Today, Georgian is Canada’s largest school with co-op programs. Georgian offers a variety of degree programs combined with practical study and work experience, as well as the opportunity to work with other colleges to pursue a degree or further study. He graduated from Georgian College.

Why choose Georgian?

– The school has more than 120 training programs to choose from

Over the past 10 years, Georgian is one of the Ontario Colleges with the highest proportion of graduates in employment. In 2013, there were 88.1% compared to the average of 83.6% of other Canadian colleges. With excellent infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology in the world, and all the support you need to help you succeed.
· 81.6% graduation rate compared to 80% of all colleges in Canada.
· The student satisfaction ratio is 78% at Georgian College compared to 77.1% at Canadian colleges.
Georgian College is a recognized top-notch student training provider with extensive work experience, in collaboration with 6,200 employers.
· One of the fastest growing colleges in Ontario: 83% enrolled between 2002 and 2012.
· 11,000 students study full time; More than 1100 international students from 60 countries
· 28,000 students enroll in annual transfer
There are about 500 contracts signed with 47 institutes around the world for students to transfer or receive another degree.
Topped the list of “Top 100 Employees” in Canada
· Top Green Employer with Green Environment for 4 consecutive years.
· Highest in provincial quality assurance program (2010)

– A huge library with audiovisual rooms with 3,000 computers updated every 3 years.

Interactive writing boards and multimedia techniques in the classroom

– Gymnasium equipped with multi-purpose exercise machines, running track, basketball court, football, volleyball and other sports.

The school has 3 theaters, a gallery, a library, a massage room, a beauty salon, a hotel, a conference center, a bookstore and many more!

Job opportunities
– Work part-time while studying
– Working part-time outside of school after 6 months of study
– Work full-time during school breaks and during paid internships, internships or other jobs
– Qualified for a work permit after graduation 3 years after completing a degree or certificate
– Eligible to obtain a work permit after graduation 1 year after completing the certification program.

Why study and study in Barrie?

The city of Barrie, located on the shores of Lake Simcoe, is one of Ontario’s most popular tourist destinations.

About 1 hour drive from Toronto, Barrie has 145,000 residents, surrounded by beaches, hills, eco-parks and lush, natural landscapes like the Snow Valley Ski Resort, a 10-minute drive away. Blue Mountain Resort is a 45-minute drive from the famous Wasaga Beach, 40 minutes by car from Wonderland Canada, 60 minutes from Algonquin Park and 2 hours from Nigara Falls.

It is one of the high quality living and safe cities

Tuition and scholarships

English for Academic Purposes: The school offers a variety of English language programs ranging from 7-42 weeks to ensure that students have a solid English language for further study and living. Cost varies from $ 3000 – $ 18,000
– Diploma Program 1-3 years depending on the subject area.

– Bachelor program for 3-4 years. Highlights: Commerce & Management, Tourism

– Hotels, Graphic Design, Technology. Tuition fees range from $ 16,500 – $ 18,500

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