1. Overview

Brock University, founded in 1964, is a public research university based in Ontario, Canada, about 20 minutes’ drive from downtown Toronto. Not only the number of local students, the school also welcomes and trains many international students from 97 countries and territories, creating an international multicultural environment that helps students to integrate.

The school offers a variety of programs, including Education, Mathematics and Science, Social Science and Applied Health Sciences. With 18,000 students and nearly 600 faculty members, Brock is one of Canada’s premier medium-sized training institutions.

Unlike other universities in Canada, Brock University extends opportunities for international students to graduate programs. Most undergraduate programs are highly-trained in master’s and doctoral degrees and have a Co-op internship program for more than 100 specializations in the following disciplines: Health Sciences Applied, Business, Arts, Humanities, Maths and Science …


  1. Achievement
  • One of the 15 best Canadian universities (Macleans University Ranking)
  • Top 31 best universities in the world (Center of World University Ranking)
  • The university has the third largest number of CO-OP courses in Ontario and the fifth in the nation
  • Brock is the only university in Canada that is part of the Unesco ecological conservation program
  • One of Canada’s five business schools has a prestigious AACSB accreditation
  • Ontario’s second university has an accounting program accredited by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Canada
  • Top schools have the most A in the country.
  • The highest employment rate for new graduates within two years of graduation is 96%
  • Is one of the safest places in North America. According to Statistics Canada (2009)


  1. Tuition and scholarship policy


Chương trình Yêu cầu Học phí
Cử nhân Arts hoặc Sciences GPA 70%


Cử nhân Business hoặc Computer Science $26,442CAD


Điều kiện nhận học bổng
(chỉ xét GPA)
Học Bổng Đầu Vào (CAD)
Entrance Scholarship
Học Bổng Emerging Scholarship (CAD)


Tổng giá trị học bổng
8,0 =< GPA < 8.5 $4,000 cho tổng 4 năm học
$1,000 mỗi năm
$4,000 cho tổng 4 năm học
$1,000 mỗi năm
$8,000 cho tổng 4 năm học;
$2,000 mỗi năm
8,5 =< GPA < 9.0 $6,000 cho tổng 4 năm học
$1,500 mỗi năm
$8,000 cho tổng 4 năm học
$2,000 mỗi năm
$14,000 cho tổng 4 năm học;
$3,500 mỗi năm
9.0 =< GPA < 9.3 $10,000 cho tổng 4 năm học
$2,500 mỗi năm
$12,000 cho tổng 4 năm học
$3,000 mỗi năm
$22,000 cho tổng 4 năm học;
$5,500 mỗi năm
 GPA >= 9.3 $16,000 cho tổng 4 năm học
$4,000 mỗi năm
$16,000 cho tổng 4 năm học
$4,000 mỗi năm
$32,000 cho tổng 4 năm học;
$8,000 mỗi năm
Học Bổng Đại Sứ Học bổng Đại Sứ dành cho các sinh viên xuất sắc, có trình độ ngoại ngữ tốt, kĩ năng thuyết trình tốt,
mỗi quốc gia chỉ được chọn ra 1 đến 2 đại diện, giá trị học bổng Đại sứ lên tới $16,000

(Note: only 80% of the GPA will be awarded with a scholarship of “Emerging Scholarship”).

For more information, please contact UNIEYE

Hotline: +44 7747749909 (UK)