1. Tổng quan

Westminster Kingsway College (WKC) is made up of two permanent public schools, Westminster College and Kingsway College. Westminster Kingsway College has become one of the largest colleges in the UK with more than 14,000 students of all ages pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

The school is located in central London 10 minutes walk from Buckingham Palace. Studying here, students will be immersed in the dynamic life of the dynamic city of London, exposed to people from different backgrounds.

Westminster Kingsway College offers hundreds of programs for students. Each year the school welcomes a large number of international students from 60 countries in 54 different languages. The school is accredited by the British Border Agency and is a member of the world’s leading English language teaching association.

The University has strong training in the areas of Hotel, Culinary Arts, Tourism, Business, Communication, Digital Art (for editing and producing cartoon, sound and graphics. ) and many other disciplines. The school is home to celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and many other celebrities who have studied.

  1. Why choose WKC?
  • Westminster Kingsway College’s English language training program is also certified by the Center of Excellence by EL Gazette.
  • Graduating at WKC, students have many career opportunities with companies through forums, career orientation events held by the school.
  • Offers a variety of courses for students
  • Excellent teachers will give students the best knowledge
  • Tutoring assist students in the learning process
  • WKC is developing to become a university
  • Modern facilities
  • Convenient transportation (located in WKC Central London)
  • Attentive student service during the study period
  • Opportunity to join Student Union and useful activities during the school year
  • Opportunity to participate in national competitions
  • Taking part in WKC’s trips will help students broaden their knowledge and experience of life in the UK.

  1. Chương trình học và học phí

Course Fee Tuition
English for International Students 12 weeks £ 1,800 (15 hours per week)
English for International Students 24 weeks £ 3,480 (15 hours per week)
English for International Students 36 weeks £ 4,860 (15 hours per week)
IELTS 12 weeks £ 150 per week (15 hours per week)
A-level 2 years £ 7,500 per year
BTEC 2 years £ 6,550
Foundation 2 years £ 7,690 / year

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